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by Green Paper

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Fire is Green Paper's debut album, the first in a series of 5 medleyed concept albums based on the Tao Elements: Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth.


released February 12, 2011

Tomm Hart
Jeff Lane
Mike Mendonez
Natalie Newbold

Lyrics by Tomm Hart, Jeff Lane, and Stacey Balkun
Mixed and Recorded by Bad Dad Doctor Chris Baglivo and Rad Lad Sheriff Evan Bernard
Produced by Chris Baglivo, Evan Bernard, and Green Paper
Additional instrumentation by Chris Baglivo, Evan Bernard, George Boff, James Brehm, Derek Kiernan, Charlie Peck, and Sarah Pisano



all rights reserved


Green Paper Piscataway, New Jersey

hey, we are green paper and we're after all of your hearts.

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Track Name: April 27, 2004
heartbeats like footsteps are scaling the stairs and making their way to the room
where she sits like a deity used as an ashtray with the pile of clothes she's removed
and how she breathes, an august breeze sounds like the starving song of summer
and now he breathes the new disease sounds like the sweating song of sickness

and now the spines divide
and now the spines align
and now the night's divine
and she turns on the light because it's over.

i've spent half my days in a film canister
scared by the thought of the sun
and then came the day when she turned me to gray
now i'm no use to anything or anyone

and i've found my place in the burning taste, that calm cool, crystal clear chemical bath
or that steady hand down Manor Ave kept from falling off of the beaten path

and i'll take this to my grave
there's nothing you could save
i'll nod my head and wave
but that's no way to behave in front of a lady
Track Name: The Still Waves
in a cell with twelve rotating closet doors
nine ghosts rummage quietly through locked drawers
twenty-four cent rings exchanged in construction paper walls
playground without a sound a line down the hall

the two held hands and grew alone
they shed a light where it was never shown
they hid inside part of the sun
he told her all his secrets but one

jealousy ran rampant through the room
and clueless adults still told us what to do
but i know i know i know i know i know i know how to read
what they won't see

and then he met her at the fair
skylights cinderella pinwheels everywhere
he stripped his fingers sang a song
he lit the fuse, she dropped the bomb
Track Name: Summer
April came and we buried our conversation,
when we were through we stuck our adolescence in the ground
records would skip our favorite song seven minutes in
we’d sing it loud to repel the ghosts that swarmed around.

Spring it fled so quickly and we waged a war between our lips.
My only artillery were those several words that made you sick.

There's a room i spent my summer and it's stuck in my brain
I remember every color, recognize every shade
but I fear every floorboard has forgotten my name
so i doubt i'll be back there again

these feelings don't translate, these words don't resolve
there's traces of your grace that i am yet to have robbed
there's some of your memories that just won't dissolve
so you bleach them out instead

and what was it that happened to that thing you call love?
did it fit you too loosely, did it fit like a glove?
did it fit you too tightly, did it push did it shove?
or did it slip away unseen?

did those boys love you too much for the way that you kissed?
did they love you for all of those meals that you missed?
did they love that you'd never ball up a fist
or stand up and say no to them?

Well it’s much too different now but we’re still just as dumb and blind,
you bite your lip I hold my tongue when they ask about a second time.

But my clock is stuck at 6:37 and your mind is stuck on something you can’t have. Erase our words, avert our eyes then laugh it off and wrap it up and bring it back to the beginning.
Track Name: Carthage
An empty bottle’s good for nothing, an empty bed is just the same
Yeah that’s what my sweetheart told me but I can’t recall her name
She said ‘at first it hurts then burns you worse than thirsting after fame
Because the fire of animal desire is the beast you cannot tame’

It’s an age old epidemic, it’s eternity’s disease
Drives a full grown man to drinking and a young man to his knees
The sultry sirens stoop to sinning when they torture and they tease
For when they grow they moan the oldest note, the starving summer breeze

But in a way we all change and it feels so strange to be ourselves
And if we try at all to fight we find the loneliest nights, our private hells
Track Name: Silver Linings
Oh dear I’m getting sick off silver linings,
There’s a homesickness that burns beneath my skin
Leave me to all my cheap and quick devices
But turn me over when I’m purging all my sins.

Three days without you I’m helpless as a child
Three days your name remains to plague all of my dreams
I understand what you meant when you once said
‘I’d rather die with love than never die without’

Cuz all useful parts have corroded yeah
They’ve all gone away
So let’s mourn our loss and sing to ourselves
The songs that we were taught for better days

One week and I should probably break the habit
Find myself a cheap cut and just go for full effect
Maybe I should just join that sorry crowd
That sit around and drink their time from paper bags

Seven nights my walls they miss your weary whisper
Clock makes no progress and my bed feels incomplete
Honest to god last night I swear I heard the moon cry
Cuz it could not find a star to steal light from

So just run on back to the places where they
Know all your names
The ones that you love and the ones that you hate
And the ones you wish you never heard me say
Track Name: The Waltz
You keep to yourself when your loved ones forget all their lines
The sore sadness of sugar in coffees consumed by the night
With the old Queen of Hearts the lamentable passage of time
So you chainsmoke till morning to scare off the dark from the sky
And no one will know what you’ve seen in those
Carcinogenic collections of magazines
And the Sun Will Rise.

It’s the sneaking suspicion these stars I’ve been wishing on burned out many a long year ago
But you hoard all the harmful thoughts, drown them in eyeshadow, bleach out the doubts and then call me tomorrow
You’re broadcasting sadness, a mono lament with consciousness running at fifty percent
All these trivial timetables Christmas displays, the wind keeps on whistling the deepest of grays and you’re stuck in the haze so you learn how to pray, you learn how to pray, you learn how to pray mon cher salome.

So we spoke of the lake effect and Battery park how the lights chase the shadows fluorescence of afterdark the flaws in the filament deep in the heart that preserve the enigma of night
And if the sun were eternal we’d never make fire in the dearth was the birth of your harmful desires the leaves stain the ground as the trees soon retire to their solitude of Inverness
Track Name: Folgers
each sip tastes more like mud
than the last and if the mug
wasn't so warm, then i
don't think i'd keep on sippin, but
you keep talking,
and i quit smoking,
so i need something to do
with my hands
Track Name: Puzzles
each night we curl up tight to fill in the crossword clues
if we try to speak we cross our words, nothing is ever new

A clean page, cubic space, thirteen down a proper noun.
He won states back in 98, the evening train November rain the straightest lines that we’re to small to change.