Green Paper at Indie Rebellion (free download)

by Green Paper

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Acoustic set recorded with Garvey James Potter at Indie Rebellion on WSPC radio!


released September 26, 2011



all rights reserved


Green Paper Piscataway, New Jersey

hey, we are green paper and we're after all of your hearts.

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Track Name: Thaw
after the fever's swept under the bed
and light of the morning is already dead.
your memories enemies inside your head
the mockery; mantra the mania
of all the hurtful things that were said

this lie a love a lecture she curses through teeth
her language still lingers like smoke through the sheets
ephemeral fallout of her self-esteem
but how can i forget how she'd scream out
and dig right into me
said "kid, nobody's watching you"

so sing to all the pretty girls and never say thank you
stick to short conversations and hide both your eyes
cuz no one gives a damn about a single thing you've been through
keep your love songs nostalgic cuz heartbreak's a lie
you know

so what's there to hate about sleeping alone
no dreams on display and you're soft like a stone
no need to believe that it's what you call home
no place for the wasteful debates
about all those drowning dreams and where they go

so we set all our watches to the time that we lost
and forget all the limits and lines that we've crossed
and leave in our wake all that came at too high a cost
and we stay far away from the days
when our souls want nothing more than to be thawed
out in sunlight

well i was swimming in dreams and i thought that i lost you
but time makes you numb to the thorn in your side

so the new day will come as the evenings just pass through
like cars on the turnpike or storms in july
cuz no one gives a damn about a single place you've been to
when nothing is yours but the moment you die.